Syd Polley

We talked several times to our former financial advisers about ways we could own property through our Super Fund, but this would have meant less commission for them, and I don’t think they were happy about that. When we walked into Parramatta Accountants, we found someone who was able to understand what we wanted to do, and could easily facilitate it. We were not sure about setting up our own SMSF, but after Graeme explained procedures, costs and benefits, we decided to give it a go.

To be honest, we had to do very little to set it up. Graeme and the team handled all the paperwork and liaison with the lawyers. Our role was purely to check everything to make sure we understood what was happening. Our Super Fund purchased a property in Queensland and despite the paperwork being a little more complex for our lawyers and Accountants, there was really very little difference to buying our current residence.

We loved the idea of being able to leverage our savings by buying a property, and although prices have been reasonably static over the past two years since we bought, we have every confidence that by the time we retire, our investment will have been much more beneficial to us that the other options our former investment advisers were planning.

We love working with the team at Parramatta Accountants. We think they are far better than our previous accountants, and we always like their recommendations as they seem to know how ‘to scratch where we are itching’, and help us materialise our goals and dreams.

Knowing that the Parramatta Accountant Team are keeping an eye on our transactions each year has made setting up and running an SMSF easy to do, and something we are happy to commend to others.