Colin Ward.

I thought it relevant to pass on my thanks to you both for the excellent services you provide. I have utilised the services of accountants throughout my working life and can assert yours is the best with respect to your knowledge of taxation laws, self managed superannuation funds and has the added benefit of being speedy and personal.

I have had a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) since 1997. Whilst I always keep myself up to date with information on SMSF’s you always need the backing of expert advice. Some years ago I was struggling to find advice and assistance with respect to purchasing an investment property through my SMSF. My accountant at the time could not help and the so-called experts I turned to were absolutely hopeless and in fact didn’t understand the product, leaving me with a ridiculous loan offer from a bank.

This was frustrating as I had located a property to purchase and had paid the deposit out of the SMSF to the selling agent, who was arranging the preparation of the sales contract. I couldn’t advise him of the purchasing entity as I couldn’t locate anyone who knew how to pull all the elements together.

Luckily, I happened to be speaking to a colleague of mine who had recently discovered the services you provide. I contacted you Graeme and arranged to meet you at your offices on a Monday. Once you had looked through my paperwork you understood what was wrong and by Wednesday morning, with further relevant information supplied by me, you advised that you had completed my current year tax returns for the superannuation fund, provided me with two cash flow scenarios with respect to purchasing the property through my SMSF and had set up a bare trust that would purchase the property for the SMSF and had prepared the loan application to the bank, ready for me to sign. We met again at your office on the Wednesday, I signed the SMSF tax returns and bank loan application which you submitted immediately to your contact at the bank and by Friday we had verbal confirmation the loan was approved – on a proper commercial basis. Consequently, I was able to purchase an outstanding investment property.

I have also had many occasions to ring you to obtain your advice on superannuation and associated tax matters and you are always happy to spend the time discussing the scenarios which I greatly appreciate. Of course you also prepare all the tax returns for my partner and me and it is always in a timely manner.

Your firms abilities, coupled with the excellent legal services of Nick Panos and Associates and your bank contacts provides a sound basis for a package of services that are frankly outstanding and I happily recommend Parramatta Accountants and Tax Agents to anyone in need of professional advice especially with respect to Self Managed Superannuation Funds.