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About Client Portal

Parramatta Accountants is now using Client Portal, an easy to use cloud-based module, through our accounting software provider, Sage HandiSoft.  

Client Portal has the functionality for our clients to securely download and upload their data files. In addition to providing clients with the ability to ‘self service’, the in-built authenticated digital signing function will speed up the completion of your compliance jobs. Using Client Portal will save you, the client, time and money as it will significantly reduce document handling and processing time eliminating postage.  

The perks of using our client portal service is:

  • Provides our clients with secure access to their documents at any time. 
  • It is quick and reliable, as client portal is updated in real time between Parramatta Accountants and clients.
  • Ability to digitally sign their tax return immediately upon uploading which will have quicker lodgement process.
  • It is highly secure with 128 bit encryption and authenticated digital signatures. Your mail or emails can be intercepted or lost.
  • Significantly reduces document handling and processing times (instead of email or post).
  • Saves money with less processing and savings on postage.
  • Easily add multiple files at a time.
  • Email notifications received when we upload a file to your secure area and also when you upload a file to us.

We highly recommend our clients to use Client Portal.


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